Advice for the less geeky.

If you do not already have the Firefox browser, stop reading and go get it now.

It is more secure, faster and much more flexible than Internet Explorer, AND it has some really cool, extra nifty, and positively swell features. One thing you can do very easily using Firefox that I have yet to figure out how to do in IE is to subscribe to my RSS feed. I know I’ve already lost a few of you with that last sentence. (tempted to name names here, but I’ll be nice) If you are viewing this in Firefox, you should have a little icon up in the URL box that looks something like an orange square with a dot in the bottom left hand corner and rings coming out from the dot like ripples on a pond. If you click the orange thing, it will bring up a window that allows you to subscribe to my blog. “Why on earth would I want to do that?”, I can already hear some of you saying. Well, it makes it easier on you primarily. You subscribe with just a couple of additional clicks, nothing fancy, and then, you’ll get a button on your toolbar for this site. If you want to know if I’ve posted anything new, click the button and it will give you a list of the most recent posts. If you have already read those posts, as I know you will have already done because you check my blog hourly. (HA!) then you can ignore it. If not, you can click on the heading you have yet to read and it will take you there just like a bookmark. (or “favorite” if you are an IE slave). The cool thing about RSS feeds is once you start using them, you wonder how you managed without them. Anytime you see that orange do-dad in the URL of a site, you can subscribe. You won’t get spammed, you won’t get pop-ups, you just get notified when YOU choose to look, of any new posts. See? Really cool, extra nifty and swell….maybe even spiffy!

So, now you know how to subscribe to an RSS feed! See how educational this blog can be? Go do something more important now.


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