Things that make you go, “Hmmm.”

Back when we decided to move south, Michelle and I had the intention to start a business. We were fortunate enough to find a new home near family. (5 houses away, so I wonder if my brother in law and sister in law feel the same way.) They, my brother and sister in law, had recently adopted their son, and they could not have been given a better kid if they had designed him themselves. Because we were present in his life shortly after the adoption, we have been able to share in the joys (and trials) of parenting. Deb and Gene, if you’re reading this, thanks for letting us participate in your lives.

Wow, stream of consciousness writing gone wrong…..

Back to my original point, when we moved south, we did not have the desire to have a family of our own. Sure it had crossed each of our minds at times, but Mother Nature was just not cooperating. Once we began to see just how fulfilling having a child can be, our lives began to change direction. It was subtle at first, but it happened. We kept Tiny E (I’m not using his name because I haven’t asked his mom and dad if it is ok to reference him yet.) when Deb and Gene took an overseas trip this summer. It was sort of like parenting, only without the financial obligation. That was when I learned just how wonderful it is to have a baby fall asleep on your shoulder. Unconditional love….does it get any better than that? I enjoyed it so much I didn’t mind changing diapers. (Although I’ll never forget one diaper in particular) Michelle and I didn’t discuss it then, but I think that was the turning point for each of us. Deb, if you intended it to work out that way, my compliments on your strategy.

Anyone who has looked into adoption knows that it is not an inexpensive undertaking. When we moved south, I took a cut in pay, and Michelle did as well. The overall impact was that we had to tighten the belt quite a bit to make ends meet. One of the things that we left behind when we moved was our foray into home renovation. We are part owners in a farm in Ohio that was built in 1830. Without going into the details, when we moved we continued to honor our financial obligation to “the farm.” Now for that Hmmmm moment….it wasn’t but a couple of days after Michelle and I decided to pursue adoption that we finally got confirmation that we had a buyer for the farm, and even more importantly, the full cooperation of our partner in selling the farm. The agreed upon price should provide us with just about enough money to fund the adoption. Coincidence, some would say yes, but I don’t believe in coincidence.

Now that we have told a few close friends and family of our intention, it has surprised me how supportive everyone has been. My brother has told me he is looking forward to being an uncle. My mom is supportive. Our friends have been anywhere from congratulatory to positively giddy. (Sarah and Sandy) Maybe it is my age, maybe my outlook on life, and maybe just a reflection of those around me, but this process has yet again reminded me of just what kind of wonderful people I’ve had the good fortune to encounter in my life and count as friends.

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