Little to report

We received our criminal background checks back, they were clean. I go tomorrow for my physical, and Michelle goes on Monday for hers. The in home portion of the home study is set for May 7th for the first visit.

I spent the majority of the weekend building a trellis for the front of the house along with cleaning out the garage. “Purging” yourself of stuff you don’t need anymore (no not bulimia type purging) is quite a good feeling. I’ve thrown away more crap in the past year than I realized that I owned. That old saying, “If you haven’t worn/used it in a year you should get rid of it” is really true. I’m just about on a first name basis with the people at Goodwill.

My public service for today is to introduce you to two different websites that I like for very different reasons. is a blog written by people who are telling the consumers’ side of the story that big business tries hard not to let out into the public. Recent posts have included things from former Geek Squad and Fire Dog team members about the rip off things that Circuit City and Best Buy do. It saved me $100 when we got Michelle a new laptop.
The other site is It amuses me. People post pictures of animals with funny captions as if the animals were the ones speaking. The spelling and grammar nazis should stay away, because it is likely going to drive you insane.

A recent favorite from I can has cheezburger:

Funny stuff

Funny stuff

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One thought on “Little to report

  1. angie

    have you ever heard of I reported Best Buy there a while back, and weirdly, about a week later BB callled me to say I could have 250 extra rewards points for all my hassle. It’s a good site along with these tho I’ve never heard of the cheeseburger one.

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