An eventful week.

Call it what you will, but it seems as though forces larger than Michelle and I are involved in this little adventure of ours.   The adoption agency called Wednesday to ask if we would allow ourselves to be considered for a child.  They don’t normally call us so as to avoid the whole roller coaster of emotions phenomenon that goes on when you know your profile has been submitted to a birth mother.  In this case we were called for two reasons 1) there is no information about the father, and 2) the baby is bi-racial.  The only one of those two that concerns me is that there is no info on the father.  The child’s mother was dating this man, and the relationship has since ended.  That is some pretty sketchy info upon which to base a major life decision, but there are other mitigating circumstances I have yet to share with you my good reader.

Something about the whole proposition felt better when we were told that the birth mother is in Indiana.  The birth mother also has another child who does very well in school.  The birth mom has also been receiving proper pre-natal care, and we have no reason to be concerned about any drug use.

This whole experience thus far has been a lesson for me in learning to make decisions based upon what information I have rather than my norm which would be to gather as much information exists on the subject, and read it all before even considering the decision.  Normally that is a pretty reasonable way to conduct your life, but the flip side to doing that is you tend to ignore gut feelings and intuition in favor of facts.  When you have fewer facts and your intuition is rusty, it makes things a bit challenging.

I do have to say that the whole thing taking place in Indiana gives me a bit of a warm fuzzy.  The fact that the mom’s other child is doing well in school is a good thing. This time we’re not dealing with premies, drug use, schizophrenia in the family, none of those things.  Whew.

As with all the other times this has happened, nothing is assured at this point.  We have simply granted permission for our profile to be submitted to this birth mother.  The baby is due August 22nd, and is a boy. The agency told us we might expect a decision as early as today 8/1/08

It has been an eventful week. A fraternity brother of mine came to visit (Flounder for those of you who know and care) and brought his two boys (13 and 11). The younger turned 11 on Wednesday, but evidently the Memphis heat got the better of him and he spent the evening getting sick, so his birthday festivities were postponed. On Thursday we all went to my favorite BBQ place here in Memphis, the Germantown Commissary. Eleven year old kids are seldom calm and sedate, and this little guy was no exception, but his fidgeting caused him to whack his tooth on the side support of a metal chair and chip his front tooth. Somehow I don’t think he will have a particularly fond memory of his time in Memphis. Flounder and company departed this morning, just before our heat index is predicted to hit 110. Coward. 😉

Other items of interest: I have been encouraging Michelle to get back into her painting / drawing / insert artistic activity here. She has in the past year painted more than in the previous 17 years we have spent together. I’ve been impressed by all of it, but of course she is her own biggest critic. Well, she must be enjoying it and think it is at least passably good because she has started moving forward with plans to participate in the Collierville Mulberry festival this October by having her own art booth. She plans to have paintings, and, if it works out, at least one possibly several light boxes. (basically a piece of art illuminated from behind.) In my opinion she is at her best when she is engaged in some artistic pursuit. She enjoys doing it, and I am ridiculously proud of what she creates. So, even if this little adventure is not a commercial success, there are other ways to determine worth.

Lastly, we are kicking around the idea of building a “living wall”.The back of our home faces south and gets remarkably hot in the summer time. The idea of a living wall is to construct an aesthetically pleasing support that allows us to mount living plants vertically.Picture a raised garden bed and then mentally stand it on end and you sort of get a visual of what we intend.The idea is to plant drought tolerant plants in it and include some sort of automated watering system. Why do this you ask? Well, our bedroom is on the south side of the house, and it gets mighty warm in the summer. If we put the living wall outside our bedroom and constructed it so that it was big enough that it provided shade for the brick of that south side wall, then our a/c bills would be reduced, the heat transfer from the bricks would be reduced, and we’d have done something kinda snazzy. As I said, we are in the idea stage, but I thought it was a pretty cool idea and so I toss it out there for your consideration. Discuss.

Thanks for reading.

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2 thoughts on “An eventful week.

  1. JVoe

    exciting news about the potential baby boy. keep us all informed! boys are fun! p.s. i say do the living wall.

  2. Marvin Sanders

    Do the wall. Go for the art! Praying for the baby.

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