Guess What!

We got “The Call” today! The birth mother picked us! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m gonna be a DAD!!!!! This is a curious mix of elation and terror. For those of you who believe in something larger out there, let me fill in a few blanks for you that I couldn’t blog about until now.

I attended college at Hanover College in Hanover Indiana. That happens to be 9 miles away from Madison Indiana. So, for four years of my life I spent a fair amount of time in Madison. I’ll give you one guess where the birth mother lives. MADISON INDIANA! When we heard that we were excited, but then it popped into my head that one of the attractions of beautiful lower Madison is the Lanier Mansion. Why is this significant you ask? Well, long prior to finding out about this particular child Michelle and I had decided to honor her father (Hi Marvin!) by giving our son the middle name of Lanier if we had a boy. Another sign? Another odd coincidence? Another overly enthusiastic adoptive dad looking for meaning where there is none? You choose. I choose to see it as a sign that this is indeed the right match for us.

So, our son will be born on August 22nd. We will be frantically readying our home and our minds for the arrival of our boy.

Am I normal in that I’m anticipating all the exciting Father / Son stuff? I can’t wait to teach him wood working, go to his games, go on Boy Scout outings with him, listen to the horrific screeching of his first attempts at a musical instrument, help him put together something special for Mothers’ Day, teach him to drive, learn new hobbies with him….I just never realized all the stuff I was missing, and now I can’t wait. I feel like a five year old on Christmas Eve. Yes, I know he will sleep, eat and evacuate and that is pretty much all for the first several months, and that is OK too. Ah, but that magic day when he first says Daddy, or walks to me…..does it get better than that?

I know from my brothers’ experience that it does get better. He has a great relationship with his kids, and I hope some day that my son will be comfortable asking me anything and trusting me to give him the best advice I know how to provide. Ok, I’m just getting ridiculous now, sorry. It is a long journey, and this is only the first step, but I am just happy to be able to take the journey.

Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers, advice and encouragement. I kind of enjoy this blogging thing, and so it is my intent to keep posting. Wow… 11 days I’ll be a Dad and I can’t wait!


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2 thoughts on “Guess What!

  1. JVoe

    so exciting! what will his full name be? do you have all the baby items ready (e.g. car seat, stroller, crib, etc.)?

  2. Laura Roth

    Deron – Even though he will be eating, sleeping and pooping for the next few months – that is an awesome time. holding him, snuggling him, learning, every curve on his face, freckle. How awesome.. cherish every moment.

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