Time flies

Holy smoke! I’m going to be a Dad in less than 4 days! I figure millions of other people who weren’t any more better prepared than I feel have managed to raise kids successfully, so I’m trying to ignore the obsessive checklist items going through my head when I am trying to sleep. “Do we have enough diapers, wipes, spit up towels, etc etc etc.”

On the positive side, having a child is a window into how others feel about you. The generosity shown by our friends and family has been overwhelming. Thank you all! Not only would we be selling bodily fluids to pay for all the stuff you’ve provided us, but you’ve helped eliminate untold stress. Thank you.

I found this funny, so I’ll share it with all of you. My mother was 38 when she had me, and so you could very safely say she is “old school” when it comes to child rearing. To give you an idea of just how normal I turned out, my mother used to remove the shoe laces from my baby shoes and bleach them every time I wore my shoes. She makes Martha Stewart look like a slacker. So, now that the background has been painted, when I was talking to Mom on the phone recently, she was asking if I had enough receiving blankets, and enough booties etc etc. I said, “Mom, we have a few receiving blankets and I have plenty of shop towels. He won’t notice the difference. And I have socks too, they’ll keep him warm.” Of course, I was only doing this to get a reaction from her, and it worked perfectly. I could picture the look of horror on her face at the shop towel remark. For those of you who do not know me, IT WAS A JOKE! I would never put my son in a shop towel. Those are for at least a year later, when Dad teaches him how to change the oil in the mower. Don’t worry, I have air tools, he won’t have to turn a wrench. (Ok, I need more sleep, I’m quite sure I’m the only person who will be amused by this train of thought)

We leave for Indiana on Thursday. I’ll be taking the laptop, and Michelle will be taking hers too I’m sure. Of course we’ll be taking pictures and posting them somewhere, and I will post a link here.

Tune in later this week for a fantastic new episode full of exciting new plot twists!

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2 thoughts on “Time flies

  1. Cheri

    New to blogging!!! Deron !! this is Awesome news!!What are you going to name him? Funny that she is in Madison…. Are you just going to drive up , pick him up and head home,or are you staying around here for a few… ? I am so very happy for you !! What’s your home address in Memphis?

  2. Marvin Sanders

    you and michelle are two of the best qualified new parents I have seen. You have had plenty of practice with your neice and nephew. You had plenty of opportunity to identify the wrong things your parents did, so you won’t repeat those mistakes. And you may have figured out that your parents did a few things right (quite accidentally, of course) and will want to duplicate those. You may also have heard that love never fails. I predict that you will be great parents. Miles is a very lucky little boy.

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