For those who are interested.

I’ll be posting pictures of our son and the adventures of these first few days here:

I would also like to update everyone who is reading this that we have met the birth mother (I’m still not sure if she wants me to use her name or not, so I’ll err on the side of caution).  She is fantastic. We continue to find odd coincidences between our families. Evidently I look very much like a younger version of her uncle.  We got to hold Miles, and he was simply a joy.  He slept the entire time Michelle and I held him, and looked very peaceful and content.  There simply are not adequate words to describe the feeling I had holding my son for the first time.  Thank you birth mom for making it possible for Michelle and I to experience the incredible joy of being parents.

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2 thoughts on “For those who are interested.

  1. Kim

    Thanks for posting and letting us share in your joy! It’s easy to tell how happy you are.

  2. JVoe

    post more pics please! awesome one of michelle and miles. what about one of you and miles?

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