Friends and family.

We have some of the most wonderful friends and family in the world.  The heartfelt emails, the phone calls, the blog comments……it really is touching.  Michelle and I are managing.  Both of us had a rough day today.  There was a lot of sleeping, some mindless yard work, and way too much mindless TV watching.  The good news is that this situation has not taken a toll on our relationship.   We aren’t ready to bounce back and pick up another child tomorrow, but I’m just as confident that we will be fine at some point.

We asked the adoption agency exactly how is it that something like this could happen?  The answers we received were not exactly confidence building.   Our social worker indicated this is the first time in 17 years she has seen a birth father come in at the last minute and assert his rights.  I hope that is true.  Rest assured, the next time we are contacted and the words, “the birth father hasn’t signed yet” are uttered, we will both be putting on the brakes at that point, not simply trusting that it will happen down the line.

I still really miss having that litttle guy falling asleep on my chest.

Thanks for caring.

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3 thoughts on “Friends and family.

  1. lyndamac

    Adoption is such a dirty business here in the UK ,so please take on board this advice. If it is taking a bit longer than normal to get the adoption sealed this case is iffy to put it mildy.
    I know women & decent families have had children taken whilst warm from their mothers in hospital. ! families fought 3 years for the child to be returned.
    Please think seriously about getting full disclosure of medical details .If you do not get all of this then be very worried .
    I am a children’s rights campaigner asking to open the closed adoption cases so they can find a stem cell donor.
    Think about the harsh reality of not finding a genetic key.
    This will also hurt an adopted family who has a critically ill child to take care of.

  2. Bev Zalar

    Deron and Michelle: God Bless you both to have such a positive perspective on the birth father. Yes, it is rare that a man would take on this responsibility as to raising a child in a situation like his. God works miracles in ways we won’t understand until we get to heaven. You two are awesome, unselfish, and totally parent material. Keep faith because God will bless you with what he has planned for you. Love, Beverly

  3. Laura Roth

    Beverly said it best…. Keep the faith…

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