Time plays tricks

When I stop to think about the last time I was able to see Miles, it seems like it was a lifetime ago.  I remember the details vividly, but it almost seems like it happened to someone else.  I suppose that is a coping mechanism of some kind, but since I didn’t take much psychology I don’t have a proper or fancy descriptive term for it.

Today was a struggle for me because I had to go back to work and tell “the story” many times.   I find it difficult to keep a cheery disposition when I have to tell a sad story over and over.   Maybe tomorrow will be better.

On the positive side, Michelle is doing well.

New topic:  Please keep my boss in your prayers.  He is a genuinely good guy, and he lost his father on Saturday.  It was not unexpected, but that doesn’t make it easy.   Pray, lift him up, send him good karma, whatever positive thing you choose to invest in, send a little his way.

Thanks for caring.

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3 thoughts on “Time plays tricks

  1. JVoe

    what i have learned is no matter how hard the story, you are actually better off telling it many times over. it helps to make it a “story” and it helps you to learn to cope. glad to hear michelle is doing well. you’ll get there in time too.

  2. Josh

    Love you.

  3. Laura Roth

    My thoughts and prayers still going out to everyone single one of you involved.

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