Not much to tell

Michelle and I have not heard anything from our adoption agency, so no news on that front.  We continue to receive suggestions from friends about other agencies and contacts that we are exploring.  The agency we were considering when I last posted we opted not to engage.  They wanted a bunch of money to do a “match” type service.  In this type arrangement they find a child, and put the two parties, birth mother and adoptive parents in contact, but do not do any of the paperwork or legal work.  Sure it is less expensive than a full fledged adoption, but if for any reason it falls apart, we would forfeit $8500….period.  I was just not comforatable with that agreement.

We worked out an agreement with Michelle’s sister to do a major furniture swap.   We gave them our queen size bed, frame box springs etc, and they bought for us a new king size mattress, and once the replacement arrives, we will get their crib.   So, we will have that one last necessity for the child addressed.

We are working on selecting a new boy name.  No I’m not going to tell you what we’re considering.  Suffice it to say she wouldn’t let Thor go on the list for consideration.  No one would mess with the kid on the playground who was named Thor.   (yes, I am kidding for the humor impaired)

Sorry I haven’t posted much lately, but you can only say, nothing has changed so many ways.

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