Fun and an update.

Michelle and I didn’t hear anything from the agency, so that pretty much means she didn’t pick us.  We are honestly ok with that.  There were a couple of things about the whole situation that didn’t feel quite right to us, so we are moving on to the next one.

On a happy note, my brother in law and I went to the Arkansas Blues and Heritage Festival, formerly the King Biscuit Festival.  It is one of the biggest blues festivals in the country.  It was the third blues festival I’ve attended, and was by far the best.  It was a funny adventure, and in hindsight, the whole thing will be one of those events that will make a good story.  We had waited too long to book a motel, so there was nothing with online booking that had any rooms left.  As a result, we booked a room in Tunica Mississippi, which was 45 miles away, and then hoped to find a closer room and cancel the booking.  Well, we found a room at the “Sands Motel”.  Please take note of that name.  Never EVER sleep there, for any reason even if every other motel is full of ebola carrying people.  We paid, and went to the room.  There was one light fixture in the room on the ceiling.  My brother in laws’ sheets had two cigarette burns.   The bathroom had one of those fiberglass multi piece surrounds.  The seams between the panels were brown with gook.  The faucet’s trim rings were loose, covered with lime scale and just generally dirty.  Th?ere were paint splotches on the walls of the shower, and spots on the floor.   It should have been a sign, when they gave us the key, they handed us the tv remote.  What kind of place removes the tv remote from the room?  Oh, and did I mention this lovely deluxe accomodations cost us $110 for one night?  Oh yeah, and we couldn’t cancel the online booked room in Tunica either.  So, we ended up spending about $190 for this wonderful experience.

We did have a lot of fun at the festival itself.  We were able to see Pinetop Perkins perform live.  The man is a legend, and is also 95 years old.  When he performed, including him, there were three members of Muddy Waters’ band from the 60s and 70s. When he played “I Got My Mojo Workin'”  the entire crowd of thousands were up and dancing.  At 95 years old, the man can still play a piano with the best ever to tickle the ivories.

From Arkansas Blues and Heritage Festival 2008

We checked out several of the smaller stages, and saw some really talented performers who were just having a fantastic time playing their hearts out.  Standing just feet from Bob Margolin while he jams is an experience few blues fans will ever have, and one I will never forget.  Oh, and did I mention that admission to the festival is free?  I saw two major blues legends, one from maybe ten feet away, and I paid nothing to get in to the venue.  It made spending $190 on a roach motel somewhat less painful.  Somewhat.

I actually took pictures of the motel room because I figured people wouldn’t believe me.

From Arkansas Blues and Heritage Festival 2008
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One thought on “Fun and an update.

  1. Denise

    Blues Festival Free=Free
    Seeing a Blues legend=Free
    Having a great story about paying WAY TOO MUCH at the ROACH Motel= PRICELESS

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