A busy weekend.

This weekend is going to be a really busy one.  Michelle will be putting her art up for sale for the first time.  She was approached by a friend who was looking to recruit local artists to participate in the Mulberry Festival here in Collierville.  (www.mulberryfest.com)  MIchelle said she would, and has been a one  woman art machine for the past several months.  In our long marriage, she has never been as enthusiastic about painting as she has been these last few months.  In fact, prior to this year, I had not seen her paint anything other than walls.  She has always had a talent for drawing and painting, but not since her high school/college years has she indulged that side of her personality.  I have really enjoyed seeing her reengage her creative side.

She has somewhere in the neighborhood of 20-30 pieces ready for the show.  I was able to show my support by assisting her in getting the display panels ready for her booth.   If this show goes well, she may very well choose to do other shows in the region.  If it doesn’t go well, then everyone in the family is getting art for Christmas.

One of Michelle’s good friends from Cincinnati has come down to help with the manning of the booth.  She is the first somewhat impartial person to view the paintings, and she said she liked what she saw.  I hope that is an indication of future success.


Changing subjects, we had our profile put in front of a birth mother in Georgia who is pregnant with twins.  She did not choose us because we aren’t Catholic.  You just never know what is going to disqualify you or endear you to a birth mother.   We have other irons in the fire, but nothing worth mentioning at this stage.

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One thought on “A busy weekend.

  1. Marvin

    are you somehow suggesting that one must be impartial to be an art appreciator?

    Guilty of being partial, but also able to be somewhat objective.

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