Cautious optimism.

I haven’t updated for a while because I’ve wanted to let things settle down for a while so I didn’t end up writing a post all full of excited tones and words that aren’t warranted.  Here is what has transpired since my last post.

We were selected by a birth mother to be the parents of her child.  This one is an all white baby boy scheduled to be born in Utah in mid-December.   The birth mom is in her early thirties and this will be her third child, so she may have the child early.   Of course we are sensitive to the whole issue of the father and him signing the documents relenquishing his rights, and we are thrilled to report that the father has already signed.  In Utah, where the baby will be born, the mother is able to sign the documents relenquishing her rights 24 hrs after the birth.   She actually lives in a different state but wants to take advantage of Utah’s laws, and so do we.  Once the parents sign away their rights in Utah, it is basically irreversible.

As you might imagine, we are hopeful and afraid of being too hopeful.  Michelle is preparing the baby’s room by removing a wallpaper border and painting.   We have a crib and all the other stuff we need. Instead of having just your regular old baby monitor, we were given a really cool monitor.  The type you are probably familiar with is like an automatic set of walkie talkies.  This on the other hand includes video!  YES, the uber geek that I am, my baby monitor will be big brother style.   I’ll probably keep it for when he starts dating and hide it in the family room somewhere.  (just kidding!)  By then I’m sure they’ll have something much better.

On a completely different note, I’ve been given the green light by the CFO of our little family corporation to get started on my big aquarium.  I’ve had the silly thing in the garage for about a year now, but the timing simply wasn’t right to start spending money on it.  We aquired it in a swap with someone else, so it cost us nothing.  Hopefully in a few weeks I will have a really cool paludarium set up.  (think terrarium with fish and moving water)  Michelle is excited about the potential for having an appropriate place to grow orchids, and I’m excited about having a 125 gallon aquarium to play with.

For anyone who is keeping track, I haven’t given up on the living wall idea, but I have plenty of time during the cooler weather to come up with the structure.  I have been working toward getting the non-tool stuff out of the garage so I have someplace to work indoors.  Only one more large piece of furniture to remove and then I’ll be able to set up the garage the way I want, and have adequate space.  I miss my basement.

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4 thoughts on “Cautious optimism.

  1. Carolyn

    Awesome news! I wish you and Michelle the best! Don’t forget to keep me in the loop when the big day arrives!

  2. Kim

    That’s great!

    Things had been pretty quiet on the blog, so I was hoping that was why–cautious optimism about a new adoption situation. And it was! I’m so glad to hear it.

    And the aquarium sounds cool too–you’ll have to post photos.

  3. Laura Roth

    Deron –

    Great news. I will keep you guys, and everyone concerned with this in my prayers.

  4. Josh

    Im very excited about this!

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