Good practice for being parents.

We had another conference call today with the birth mother and she told us that she had an appointment today with her doctor.  The report was all positive.  Her previous two children had both been slightly above 7 lbs, and she is quite sure that this one is a 10 pounder.  His head is in the proper position, and is dropping.  She also added that the doctor and she both think that he will arrive in the next two weeks.  We would certainly welcome an early arrival because then we wouldn’t be trying to file the interstate compact documents (so we can take him home) between Christmas and the New Year holiday.

So we are having our first real test of being flexible, and I am proud to say I think we’re doing great.  Michelle is excited and ready to do her artistic thing on the walls.  I tested out our uber geek baby monitoring setup.  (Thanks Scott!)  Yes we have audio and video in complete darkness.   I’m sure as new parents that will come in handy so we don’t end up waking him up every time he makes a sound.

We are ready.  Hopefully in two weeks we will have the chance to prove it.

Thanks for reading and caring.

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2 thoughts on “Good practice for being parents.

  1. Marvin

    we’ve been observing. You’ve been ready for a while.

  2. Josh


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