A kid at Christmas.

I feel badly for plagiarising John Stewart’s material, but the example he gave on his show the other night fits my mood perfectly.  We both feel like kids at Christmas forced to view the gift under the tree that is obviously a gift wrapped bicycle, but we can’t open it until Christmas.  You know what it is, you know when it will be yours, but you can’t have it until someone else says you can.

We found out today that the birth mother, because she was easy going got moved back on the list from this week to Monday to be induced.  A “high maintenance” birth mother got induced today instead because the squeaky wheel gets the grease.   So, our schedule will likely get bumped back at least 1 day, maybe more.    Since we are already in Utah, we made the best of it once our luggage showed up.  We went to a museum, saw some lights, took in a few sights.   Provo is supposed to get snow on Saturday.   We shall see whether or not getting some snow here in Utah is anything like the experience was in Cincinnati.   They aren’t indicating the quantity of snow to be expcected which makes me think it won’t really matter here, unlike what I am accustomed to back east.

The Salt Lake/ Orem /Provo area is beautiful.  Our view out the window of our hotel room is of the Wasatch Mountains.  The people are unusually friendly.  It is also obvious that the LDS church (Mormons) have HUGE influence here.  We went to Red Lobster for dinner tonight and the majority of the tables seated 6 or more people.   The area has a lot going for it in my opinion.  Friendly people, beautiful scenery, an economy not tanking like it is back home, sunny weather….the only real down side is the whole cold weather in the winter thing.   I have grown fond of my warm winters.

Given the fact that we have some time now before our son arrives, we can get everything arranged so that we don’t have to worry about anything except taking care of our boy.   It holds the promise of being the best Monday of my life.

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One thought on “A kid at Christmas.

  1. Gene

    Papa D,
    I guess it’s good and bad, then. You can get a lot of the crappy stuff out of the way tomorrow. However, nothing like another 72 hours of not sleeping.

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