Of bacon and babies

Well, we surprised the birth mother today by inviting her to brunch.  Of course, all interactions between birth mother and adoptive parents have to be supervised.   So we had brunch with the birth mother and two of the folks from the adoption agency.  What sounds like it could be incredibly awkward was actually enjoyable.  The birth mother is delightful and very funny.   We found that we have lots in common and it made the whole situation seem just a little bit more “meant to be”.    The birth mom is planning on being on a plane home on Tuesday, so we are still hopeful that everything is going to go as planned.   We are scheduled to go and see the lights at Spanish Forks (no I have no idea what it is any more than you do) on Friday evening with our official chaperone, and the birth mom’s best friend.   I have a feeling it will feel like being a teenager on a church outting again.   (suppressing visions of all of us holding hands and singing Kum Ba Ya)  We shall see!

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One thought on “Of bacon and babies

  1. Of course, Deron… I was on many of those “youth group trips…” As I remember, they usually involved you wrapped in a shower curtain screaming because someone did something to you in the shower… That and Olshine cheating at football… Ah the memories…

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