The joys of being a new father.

We were not afforded the opportunity this time around to have a room where we could spend quality time with Logan.  We could have spent the night on a couch in the waiting room with him, but we opted to leave him in the capable hands of the nursing staff and get a few hours of sleep.  While we were sleeping,  Old Man Winter deposited about 6 inches of fresh snow over the valley, and we woke to  falling snow and sloppy roads.  Thank goodness we rented a Subaru with all wheel drive.  That little car (well not so little) laughs at snow.  We made it to the hospital without incident despite the fact that the first 8 or so miles of highway had not been touched by plows or salt trucks.   Thanks Subaru.  Upon arrival we found that Logan was having his hearing test, and he was not at all happy about it.  He passed, and later on the pediatrician gave him a clean bill of health.   For those of you who want to know such things, yes I have changed diapers and will continue to do so.   We’re not allowed to be in the same room as the birth mother without an agency rep being present, and so we left him with the birth mom while we stepped out to get a bite to eat.  She’ll send him back to the nursery, and then we can get him and spend time with him in the waiting room.   Then in a mere three hours and 15 minutes he will be ours to take “home” to the hotel.   We are not sure as yet when we will be departing Utah.  We are hoping to be able to get in to see the pediatrician tomorrow morning, but pending the outcome of that endeavor we may have to be patient about leaving.

As with most things on this journey, I have learned to simply roll with the changes.  We will leave when we can, and friends and family will be able to see him when they see him.  The most important thing is everyone is happy and healthy.  The rest is just scheduling.

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5 thoughts on “The joys of being a new father.

  1. Carolyn

    Deron and Michelle,
    Congratulations on the birth of your son! He looks so adorable. It has been fun reading the updates as things have progressed. (thank you Deron for being such a geek!) The joys of parenthood are just beginning, I wish you both well!

  2. Cindy Setters

    Congratulations Deron & Michelle:) What an incredibly special day this is for you. How wonderful. May God bless little Logan and bless you as a family! He’s awful cute. Can’t wait to see more pictures!

  3. Dani Randall

    I hope you guys get a clean bill of health for Logan! Hopefully things will go well, oh and the rest of your boys and Esmeralda (even though I haven’t seen her since Friday) are all doing fine and they can’t wait to meet their new brother.

  4. Laura Roth

    AWESOME NEWS!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for all of you.

  5. Denise McCoy

    Congrats Deron! You’re a Dad! OMG! How truly wonderful for you and Michelle. Your new baby boy is just beautiful. May God Bless and keep you.

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