Baby furnaces.

I’ve held kids before and realized just how much heat they put out.  Last night, at the Christmas Eve service the baby furnace paradox was made real again.   We took Logan with us, and of course Michelle had him in a Christmasy outfit made of fleece.  (we saved the special Christmas outfit his birth mother bought for him for today)  Mind you, we’re in the south here, and last night at around 5 pm it was at or near 60 degrees.  So we all herd ourselves into the sanctuary and get situated.  Just a couple of minutes into the service,  we were all asked to stand and sing.  I was holding Logan, and stood to sing.  As we approached the end of the song, Michelle looked over at me and started to laugh.  Being in a crowded building, with warm temps outside, and holding the most effective heating device that doesn’t contain an open flame known to man had me a little warm.  The reason Michelle was laughing was that I was so hot that sweat had beaded up on my bald head and was running down in rivulets off the sides.   She giggled and said, “Would you like me to take him?”  I think when I said, “Yes, please” there must have been a note of desperation in my voice because she giggled again.  Finally, whomever was responsible for congregation comfort decided that I was not the only person miserably warm, and they turned on the A/C.  (yes a/c in December)

I will just toss in there that Logan was quite a hit at the service as well.  He was quiet throughout the whole thing and adorable as always.   (I may be slightly biased)

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