Parental obligations

Michelle has been doing overnight duty with Logan, and I’ve been doing daytime Logan duty.   It makes for some screwy sleep schedules, but so far it is working well.    As a result,  the little man and I have had some quality time together since Christmas day.   I have introduced him to the southern tradition of watching football while enjoying your favorite chair.   He and I shared a beverage, his was Enfamil, mine was Diet Dr. Pepper,  we each burped, me once, him 4+ times,  and then we each fell asleep in front of the Colts / Titans game.  Him in his bouncy seat, me on the couch, had just settled down for a long winters nap.

I’m waiting to introduce him to the fact that I’m a Bengals fan.  I’m waiting for two reasons, one at this age he could not possibly care less, and two, because the Bengals (although they won today) still cause me to hang my head in shame when people ask me what team I support.  Hopefully in the next year or two, by the time he can say football, the Bengals will be worth watching again.

I have to say I am really enjoying the whole parenting thing.  Of course, I’m not yet dealing with temper tantrums,  teenage mood swings, car insurance, or having to have “the talk”,  but those things don’t intimidate me.  I know this time in his life will be short, so I’m enjoying every moment of holding him while I feed him,  sweating while he sleeps contentedly on my chest, and believe it or not changing diapers.   Sooner than I can imagine he’ll be dressing himself and complaining about how my corny jokes embarrass him.  I might as well enjoy every stage while I can.

He is already getting bigger. His cheeks are filling out.  We go to the doctor tomorrow so we’ll have actual numbers to verify our beliefs tomorrow evening.

Michelle read a statistic in a baby book to me last night.  It was that on average, a newborn Logan’s age cries only an average of 4 hrs per week.  I looked at her and said, “Four hours per week?!?!?!”  I would be surprised if Logan has cried a total of 1 hr in the 12 days we’ve had him.   I don’t know if that means we are attentive parents, or he is an extraordinarily good little guy or a mix of both, but I’m happy to be throwing off that bell curve.   I know that once again I feel very blessed to have this particular little man in my life.

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3 thoughts on “Parental obligations

  1. Josh

    I hope you knocked on wood when you wrote that last part!

  2. Uncle Jerry

    Just maybe Mr.Logan would be better dressed in COLTS blus.

  3. another uncle

    How can you be a loving father and yet so insensitive? You are a cruel man and and punishment awaits you for that…. a Bengals fan. Do you realize the amount of psychological care Logan will need in the future because of his exposure to the Bengals? And you don’t mind changing him? Just wait until he gets to the food in a jar. Can you say Environmental Impact Statement? IF Logan follows in your footsteps, he’ll do you proud and at the same time…. well, just keep the local haz-mat team’s number on speed-dial.

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