Circular logic

I don’t think anyone would argue that our culture is weight obsessed.  Just turn on the TV between Christmas and New Year’s and you’ll see a slew of weight loss, fitness, dieting, and body image related products advertised.   It is in this environment and culture that I am delighted to report that little Logan gained a pound and an ounce 1lb 1oz in the two weeks since he has been born.  The doc said they are pleased when newborns sort of “break even” and end the two week period not having lost weight since birth.   I’d be happy if I had gone through the holiday season and only put on that much weight, hence the circular theme.   Good for babies to gain, bad for daddies to gain.

On a completely different subject, I wanted to take a moment and extend a truly heartfelt thank you for the thoughtful and generous gifts.  Formal thank you cards will be coming shortly, but for those of you who read this and have not yet received one I wanted you to know that we are touched by the outpouring from our friends and family.

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One thought on “Circular logic

  1. another uncle

    Maybe your weight gain is retribution for introducing Logan to the Bengals……

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