First meetings.

Well Logan finally got to meet his other Grandmother and his Uncle.   Naturally, he was not on his best behavior at the beginning.  Because of the traveling, he got off his feeding schedule, and although he had only eaten two hours prior,  he screamed for an hour once at the restaurant until Michelle figured out he was hungry.  He sucked down a bottle and then was his normal happy self.

On the medical front, I go in for surgery on April 1.  The doctor is going to trim the frayed edges of the labrum, anchor the torn rotator cuff, and polish the concave bone portion where the arm bone sits.  The polishing is a preventative measure.  If there are imperfections in the bone the polishing process is intended to eliminate those so that the movement is smooth.  That can also reduce the likelihood of another injury.   Rehab after the surgery is supposed to take about 3 months.  Certainly this is not an ideal situation or an ideal time for it to be happening, but I prefer to think about it in a positive way.  The surgery is much less serious than it could have been.  The damage is minimal, the surgery will be arthroscopic, and rehab will be about half that of a more extensive shoulder repair.  Logan can’t walk or crawl yet, so in that respect, the timing is pretty good.  We don’t have any vacations planned, and there are no pressing home repair projects.   It certainly could be much worse.  I should only have to miss one day of work also.

New subject, veggie gardening.   Michelle has a bunch of plants started for this year’s veggie garden, and we’re yet again doing something that is one of those full circle kinds of things I enjoy.  The seedlings are being watered with water that I remove from one of the aquariums.  In the aquarium cleaning process you have to remove all sorts of (I’ll be delicate here) organic matter to keep the aquarium in balance.  The stuff you remove is outstanding natural fertilizer.  So, we are using it on the seedlings, and they are growing quite well.  Nifty.

I’ve found plans on the internet that show you how to make a compost bin out of shipping pallets.  Considering I don’t really want to spend several hundred bucks on lumber to build a beautiful one, I think I’ll try and find some pallets to make a cheap one.   I was considering postponing this project until next year or at least until my shoulder was 100%, but I did some weeding and yard cleanup on Monday and filled our existing bin.  (and paid for it for several days)

I added a picture to the March 09 folder.  Click family photos over on the right side in the links section if you care to see it.

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