The things that are new to a new parent.

Aside from the obvious ones like diapers, bottles and inconsolable crying, there are other things that I am convinced people just don’t think about until they become a parent.  Naturally most of us consider the financial implications, and the lifestyle changes that go along with becoming a parent, but there is another thing that I’m struggling to put into words.  I have a sense of time constantly marching forward that I didn’t have before.  Sure at my age you’re aware of the passage of time, but going to work on Monday is pretty much like Friday.  What I’ve noticed now is that Logan changes so rapidly and is learning new little things every day, so time seems to be moving much more quickly.

He recognizes and smiles at Michelle regularly, and he did that for the first time for me on Monday.  I know he listens and hears and recognizes my voice now too.  I was making his bottle the other evening, and he was in his swing in the family room and was loudly announcing he was hungry NOW.  I spoke to him in soothing tones from the kitchen, and he calmed down.  We’re starting to get feedback from him that he distinguishes us from other people.  That is really cool!

Then there are the physical changes.  He has more than doubled his weight, and while I haven’t measured his length, he is just about ready to outgrow 3-6 month clothes!  The kid is growing faster than kudzu.  (you northerners can look that up if you don’t know what it is.)   I find the whole process just fascinating.

In other news, please keep Marvin and Donna (Michelle’s parents) in your prayers.  Marvin went back for a checkup to MD Anderson in Houston recently and they found more cancer and removed it.  Pray for physical healing as well as spiritual and emotional support.  I’m still scheduled for surgery on my shoulder on April 1.  We are now in the period prior to surgery where I am not allowed to take any anti-inflammatory medication like ibuprofen or Aleve.   Tylenol has its place, but it might as well be breath mint for the relief it is providing me.   Such is life.    Also, please keep Michelle in your prayers.  Once I have this surgery, she is going to have a bigger workload than normal because I’ll be less able to do some things.  I’ve spoken with friends who have had this surgery and the recovery time is anywhere from 3 months to a year.  Please keep me in your prayers as well and pray for a short healing time.  As soon as Logan is ready to crawl around and play, I want to be right there with him not sitting on the sidelines.

I’ve been slowly working toward getting our garage organized enough that I can actually use some of my big tools.  Gene and I have been working on a train table for Everett his son.   I would like to get a few more items out of the garage and then I can implement my plan.  I know this will shock those of you who know me well, but I used Visio and mapped out a floor plan with the placement of all the big tools, cabinets etc.  (yes the drawing is to scale, and yes so are the tools and cabinets….I measured……twice)  I still want to build a living wall structure, but my ideas on that are still evolving.   I’m thinking if properly executed, it could function as a really effective shelter for the dogs also.   They like the shade of the big pecan tree we have, but when it rains, if they for some reason are outside, a more substantive structure would be something I think they would use.   We’re still planning on putting in a good size veggie garden this year and Michelle has been putting significant effort into getting the seeds started and growing. I am not looking forward to the inevitable encounter with the tiller that is going to be a necessary evil as we move forward with the garden project.   Other people have done much more difficult things, we’ll manage.

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