Adventures in travel with a 6 month old.

Michelle has been spending quite a bit of time this past month in support of her parents while her Dad recovers from the surgery I’ve previously discussed.  That means she has been in Houston Texas for several weeks, and Logan has been with her.   In Logan’s not quite yet 6 months, he has been to 6 different states.  He is the champion of the long distance car ride.   When I picked Michelle and Logan up at the airport tonight Michelle relayed a story about her day with Logan that made me laugh, so I’ll share it with you in the hope that you’ll get a kick out of it as well.   Michelle took her aunt and uncle to the airport for their flight home, and decided to return the rental car and simply wait at the airport for her flight.  Waiting 3 hours in an airport is never something fun, but driving around wasting time was not preferable to sitting in the airport in this instance.    So, Michelle was camped out in the airport with a baby who was tired, and with hours to kill.   Logan was a tad fussy because he was tired. I’m sure the other passengers were thinking, “Oh wonderful, we’re not on the plane yet and this one is crying……outstanding.”   I wasn’t there so I can’t tell you what Michelle’s stress level was, but I can tell you she was tired when I saw her, so the stage is set….tired mom, tired fussy baby, long wait in a boring airport.   Michelle managed to settle him down and  get him quiet before the flight. When the time came, she and Logan boarded the flight, and took their seat in the business class section.  The gentleman seated next to her was talking on his cell phone, and Michelle described him as full of buzzwords.   Michelle being the thoughtful mother she is, was giving him a bottle while they were on the ground, hoping the action of sucking on the nipple would help him equalize his ears as they ascended.   Well, the phrase “Man plans, God laughs” was never more true.  Logan decided that in the previous 3 hours sitting in the airport weren’t the right time, but after a gourmet meal was the perfect time to poop.   Excellent.   So, Michelle is mortified sitting next to Mr. Buzzword with a baby who smells, well, like poop.   They took off and as you are well aware, she had to wait for the fasten seat belt sign to go out before she could get up to change the little guy.  It was a small plane, and only had one restroom in the back.   Of course, the flight attendant had to begin her beverage service .  So, Michelle went to the front of the plane, so as not to interfere with the beverage service,  plopped  the little guy down on his changing pad and took care of business.  Then Logan decided that he hadn’t embarrassed his mother enough, and he decided to cry.  Not the relatively quiet “I’m bored” cries, no we’re talking the lets make the neighbors call child protective services cry.  So Michelle was pulling out all the stops trying to get him to quiet down, and after much stress, she found that bouncing him a certain way worked to quiet him down…..and then he fell asleep while being bounced.   So, the next time you’re on a flight and stuck next to the mom with the small baby, don’t assume that she is not doing her level best to ensure that you don’t have to sit next to a screaming child.  She probably is as mortified as you, but sometimes babies have an agenda of their own.

For the record, when I picked them up at the airport, Logan was sleeping quite peacefully in his car seat, looking positively angelic.

I posted a few new pictures of Logan in the June folder.

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3 thoughts on “Adventures in travel with a 6 month old.

  1. Donna

    As one who was on the “other end” of these travels, I must let you all know that Logan must have been exhausted from the travels and being away from home and off schedule but he was an absolutely perfect angel behavior-wise. He charmed everyone around with huge smiles and sometimes out-loud laughing (especially at Uncle Dave who must have looked “funny” with his mustache and beard).

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