Murphy’s law.

I knew I shouldn’t have posted anything about him being a happy camper most of the time. Murphy’s law. Last night the little guy had a case of gas that caused him to wake up crying at about 12:30. Not little tiny cries, these were big, “MOMMY, DADDY IT HURTS” cries. He maintained his magical disposition to a degree though. When Michelle went in and got him I followed shortly, and when he saw each of us, he smiled broadly. It is just so cool to have a child who can’t speak yet, but can communicate so much just with his facial expressions. He amazes me.

It was a rough night for all concerned. One of the dogs decided not to let us know he was about to get sick and to please let him out. No, he just decided to throw up in the bedroom…..twice. So, bedtime was delayed while I cleaned that up. Then poor Logan’s issue at 12:30. It doesn’t surprise me that I was not at all happy to hear the alarm clock at 6….6:10…..6:20….you get the idea. So, I got a late start departing home this morning. Mr Murphy was not done amusing himself at my expense quite yet. As I headed out the door, I noticed two more gifts from Duffy on the floor. He really didn’t feel well either last night. Then, on my way to work I encountered a 7 mile backup on the highway. So for 7 miles my top speed was 25. I got to work safely, and my office neighbor is out for the day, so I am listening to the ole’ Ipod on shuffle. For some reason, music always tends to lift my mood, and it is working well today.

Oh I forgot to mention, last night was garbage night. I am convinced that if science could capture and weaponize the smell of Logan’s diaper pail we could end the nuclear arms race. How an 18lb 6 month old baby can take formula and mashed up peas and create something that smells that horrifying just boggles the mind.

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