Parenting requires a sense of humor.

Logan’s birth mother has a great sense of humor. I think Logan inherited that. Allow me to tell you the story of our adventure to the Johnson Space Center. I’ll preface by giving you an update on Marvin, Michelle’s father. He is out of the hospital, and at home now. His progress was described as everything up to and including miraculous by the doctors. He is not yet done with his battle with cancer, but he has most definitely won this latest skirmish. So, since Marvin was being released from the hospital this past Friday, Michelle and Logan and I drove down to Houston in their van to pick them up and bring them home. Rather than put us through back to back 11 hr drives, Marvin and Donna allowed us some down time between trips to recuperate. On one of the two days we spent in Houston, we went to the Johnson Space Center. (you know, “Houston we have a problem.”) Last week was insanely hot in Houston. The day we went to the Space Center it was 105 by the temp gauge in the van. One of the things we chose to do was take a tram tour of the astronaut training facilities. So we all pile into the tram which was an open air, road going thing. Michelle was holding Logan and he had just finished eating a few minutes before. 105 degrees + holding Logan = really REALLY hot. (Don’t worry, we made sure he was hydrated and protected from the sun.) So, the tram pulls away from the gate and maybe 100 yards into the journey Logan starts squishing up his face and making that tell tale noise. Uhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhh……..great. 105 degrees, plus poopy diaper….excellent. Our first stop was the astronaut training building where they have replicas of the space station modules, the space shuttle, the robot arm, all cool stuff for a geek like me. As a courtesy to our fellow passengers, we were last in line with our poop scented air un-freshener. There were no bathrooms where we could change him, and we were packed like sardines in the tram so we couldn’t change him there. Lovely. We got back in the tram and went to “rocket park”. Basically it is a concrete pad with two rockets mounted vertically outside an enormous building. Mercury rockets are really much smaller than I had thought. Inside the building was a Saturn V rocket laying on its side. Nifty as it was to see these things, my son was wallowing in his own filth all this time and that was my primary concern. Again, no bathrooms in the Saturn V building. We found a corner out of the view of most folks. I played the part of wall, and Michelle threw down the changing pad and changed him on the floor of the building. Somewhat less than ideal, but it beats the alternative. I pity the person who had to collect trash from that garbage can. High heat is not something you want to combine with a loaded diaper. WOW. How the little guy knows the exact moment when it is least appropriate to let loose his bowels I attribute to his sense of humor.

It is wonderful to have the family all back at home and have a degree of normalcy restored. Better yet is the reason we are able to do so. Please keep Marvin in your prayers. He is a good man, a loving husband, a caring father and loving grandfather. All kids should have a grandfather in their lives.

 I understand from speaking with my Mom that I have a few new readers. I’m glad you are enjoying the blog Mrs. S. (and maybe by the time I post this Aunt Dotsie as well!)

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4 thoughts on “Parenting requires a sense of humor.

  1. thanks for the fun (and funny) story

    • midsouthgeek

      Thanks for reading it and responding. I’m glad to know someone out there shares my sense of humor!

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