An appreciation of bathroom humor starts young.

It must seem that I have an obsession with my son’s bathroom habits, because I talk about them all the time.  I don’t.  He isn’t capable of carrying on in depth philosophical conversations just yet, and he basically eats and poops, so my subject matter is somewhat limited.  First a little background as to why I am where I am doing what I’m doing. Michelle’s dad hit a bump in the road in his recovery and had to be hospitalized in Tupelo.  He has pneumonia and because of his generally weakened condition, his body is not as well equipped to fight it had he been 100% healthy.  A phone call yesterday after a discussion with Marvin’s doctor was the impetus to Michelle and her sister leaving to head down to Tupelo.  This time, unlike the Houston trips, Logan stayed with me at home.

The little man and I have had a good time.  Last night I fed him “Spring vegetables and brown rice”….translation green paste. It smelled like peas, but I wasn’t brave enough to try it. I guess when your other choice is formula, green paste is positvely gourmet. He liked it anyway. Because Michelle is home with him during the days, I don’t change a lot of poopy diapers, but I had that opportunity today.  First of all, good grief, how can a kid who is about 19 lbs produce that much poo?  Secondly, green?!?!?!?  Seriously, GREEN?!?!  I know HOW it happened (if you aren’t following go back and read the 2nd sentence of this paragraph), I just don’t understand the why. I don’t think I want to know the why. His sense of humor continues to amuse me.  I put him in his little changing thing, and he was fairly expressionless. I got him down to the diaper…still expressionless.  I opened the diaper and exclaimed, “Oh good LORD” and he giggled. Who knew that men developed their sense of bathroom humor that early?  You’ll be pleased to know that I survived the diaper encounter, and the little guy and I are doing well. He is napping at the moment and I’m jealous.

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3 thoughts on “An appreciation of bathroom humor starts young.

  1. Laura Roth

    you will get to nap in approximately 18 years..

  2. Laura Roth

    You will get to nap in about 18 years.

  3. Donna

    Thanks. A true LOL!

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