Modern societal ills.

I am a fan of computers. On the whole I believe my life is better because they exist and proliferate. Today was one of those rare days when I find myself in the shoes of one who could easily fore go technology forevermore. (A Luddite) At work we are getting ready to introduce a new ticketing system. Since I’m in IT, I have to know how to use the ticketing system prior to it being introduced, and I’m a tester of the system. Yay me. I installed the software some weeks ago. Yesterday and today have been spent trying to get it to do the most basic of functions….look something up. It would not do so. My boss suggested I reinstall the software. This is where it becomes almost comical. My company is militant about what is and what is not allowed to be installed on your work computer. So I had to go to the company, “Software Store” to access the program I needed to reinstall. So I was required to give my extra super double secret login to access said Software Store. The page came up saying it was not available, but there was a “continue” button at the bottom of the page. Being curious, and somewhat disregarding of authority, I clicked continue. Lo and behold, the Software store opened, and required that I download a file to be able to use it. I did. Then I had to use my extra super double secret login again and I was finally granted access to the inner sanctum of the Software Store. (cue angel chorus) Ah, but wait, we’re not done yet. I evidently had an old version of the software that was required to be able to use the Software Store, so I had to download the more up to date version. I did. It failed to run properly. It said I did not have permission to install software on my pc, which I do. So, I rebooted. Many minutes later, once I was fully booted, I opted to not run any programs other than what was necessary to get my software installed. Back to the Software Store, double secret login, not available, continue, oh, here it is, you need to install software to access it, do so, double secret login again, HUZZAH. Download software to allow me to access the Software store, it installs properly this time. Search for and find the software I was originally seeking, download it and install it. Whew…. Log out of Software store, go to newly installed application that previously didn’t work and try it again. IT STILL DOESN’T WORK. So, my boss suggested to try reinstalling it again. (sounds of me banging my head against my desk) I removed it a 2nd time, went through the same flaming hoops as before to reinstall it a 2nd time, and guess what? It STILL DOESN’T WORK. Gee, who would have predicted that outcome? Oh, we’re not done yet. Next I had to put in a trouble ticket. I went to the “self help” ticketing website, and put in my ticket. Immediately received the friendly automated confirmation email, and now I sit waiting. Mind you my boss is expecting me to finish the document I’m working on that details how to use this system for all the other folks similar to myself who will be using it soon. I leave on Friday to go out of town, so I basically have until tomorrow to a) get my issues with the application fixed, and b) document how all this is SUPPOSED to work in a world of rainbows and butterflies. Do I sound skeptical? Anyone care to join me in starting World Luddite appreciation day?

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One thought on “Modern societal ills.

  1. Jim Seffrin

    Sounds like that was fun. Good luck.

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