My son the celebrity.

Michelle and I decided to go out to eat last night. Nothing fancy, just a local Chinese buffet.  Our server was completely captivated by Logan.  I am not exaggerating when I say that at least 10 times during our meal she stopped and leaned over the wall of our booth and spoke to Logan. She got the other server to do the same.  The people in the two adjoining booths were of course now curious about this magical young man and they either paused to look as they walked past or, in the case of the older couple, came over and engaged us in conversation.
Logan was his usual well behaved self, and the strangers marveled at his calm demeanor.  The older couple commented how he had Michelle’s hair and my features.  We decided not to tell them he was adopted.  This was my first taste (probably only taste) of what famous people must deal with daily. No one was rude (well the waitress was beginning to cross that line) but Michelle and I didn’t get to talk to each other at all during the meal. 

The next time you see a celebrity somewhere, let them go about their business in peace.

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