Every aspect of our lives is a balancing act in some form or another.   I have tried to only write blog entries when I’ve been in a good mood and had something positive to say.  That isn’t balanced.  So, today, for what it is worth, I am posting while sad. 

The wonderful woman from Jewish Family Services who helped us here locally with our home study and all the flaming hoops that adoptive parents must negotiate prior to being considered for a child, died last night at about 7:30 pm.   Penny Glatstein had been a social worker specializing in adoption for more than 30 years.  She was involved in helping us find Logan, and also in helping my brother in law and sister in law find their son.   She was instrumental in countless adoptions in the Mid-South.   She brought joy and fulfillment to thousands of people.  Sadly, she lost her battle with cancer last night.  

I hope she was or is aware of how profoundly she impacted the lives of those she touched.   We will miss you Penny.

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7 thoughts on “Balance

  1. Penny was a remarkable woman, with an irrepressible wit and unsung wisdom… what a gift she was to the world of adoption. We will miss her greatly… thank you for this quiet tribute to this amazing adoption professional!

  2. Merry Lynne

    thank you for posting your thoughts about my Aunt Penny. She will be dearly missed by all who knew her.

    • Walta Hill

      I grew up next door to Penny and her brother Mark. So many wonderful memories of Penny, Mark, and their parents, Jack and Sylvia Lieberman.

      Would love to know how to reach family members.

  3. Sally Holloway

    Penny helped us with 2 adoptions. We joke about how with the first one she showed up at the airport with the wonderful Baptist foster mom,with baby in arms, so that day the Baptist handed the black baby to the Jewish woman, who handed him off the the white “Mormons”. A lot of cultures and religions going on in that circle!:)

    I didn’t find out about Penny’s passing until yesterday. She was a big part of a lot of families. I am trying to find a printable obituary to put in my sons’ scrapbooks if you know where to find one.

    I was telling my 16-year-old yesterday that Penny died and I had to do my Penny impression. I do a really good one! I loved her voice and accent, and loved her. My condolences go out to all who were touched by her.

    Sally H

  4. Sally Holloway

    P.S. if you want to see Penny’s handy work, My daughter is a photographer and keeps a blog on her brothers.

  5. Sally Holloway

    good grief! its

  6. Penny adopted me out almost 35 years ago. The last time I talke d to her was in July, 2001 and I didn’t know how important that phone call would be till now. It was very hard for me to hear about her passing and not get to know her better. We had a lot to secretly learn about each other. If anyone is willing to talk about Penny and knew her family and extended family and the community she grew up in at Beth Sholom I would be grateful to hear form you. B”H with your help I may be able to find out who my birth mom is.

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