Some things never get old.

Logan has been strongly hit with allergies this past week.  I know it is allergies and not an illness because it happened to me at the same time with the same symptoms.  The thing that stinks is that because of his size and age he can’t take the same stuff I can to cope with the symptoms.  The end result is he hasn’t been feeling especially well.  On the positive side, that has rendered the magic of Daddy’s lap all the more desirable.   A couple of times he has gotten to that “over-tired” state and was just not happy no matter what we tried, until he cuddled up in the curl of my arm on my lap.    He managed to sleep for 2 hours that way and was restored to his normal happy self after his nap.   I never realized just what kind of sympathy pain/suffering parents go through.   I cannot even imagine what parents who have kids with disabilities or who require surgery must have to endure.  My heart goes out to them.

The good news is that the mold that was in the air has started to fade.  (no it isn’t the house, it is outdoors)  As a result, Logan and I are feeling better.

<Warning dramatic subject shift ahead, prepare accordingly>

I’ve decided that Michelle watches too much HGTV.  She has several projects lined up for me.  I’m working on shelves in the bathroom at the moment.  Tomorrow I will be working on creating a structure that allows her to hang three vertical panels of cloth and allows the panels to slide one behind the other.  In case you were wondering, this isn’t something you can buy at the local hardware store and slap up on the wall.   Noooo, that would be too easy.  Design Star Michelle has her resident carpenter and is putting him to good use.  Don’t get me wrong, I like the challenge of it and getting to spend some time in the shop.   I just fear the day I come home and she has ripped the fireplace surround off the wall and hands me a sketch and says, “Make it so!”   (Don’t be surprised when I write about just that happening in the near future)

New subject, Memphis Mayoral race, discuss.

There are 29 candidates running to replace the recently resigned mayor of Memphis.  Yes, I said 29.  They run the gamut from the current mayor pro- tem, to the mayor of the county where Memphis resides to the retired pro wrestler Jerry “The King” Lawler, to the unique individual who calls himself Prince Mongo from the planet Zamodia (or something close to that planet name) I’m not kidding. Google Prince Mongo.  It boggles the mind.   At this point I am very thankful I do not live in Memphis, I don’t see this ending well.   If you would like a laugh, here is a link:

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2 thoughts on “Some things never get old.

  1. Donna

    About Michelle ripping off the fireplace surround and handing you a sketch to “make it happen”, she does have a “family tradition” to uphold. Ask her about the Sunday afternoon her dad went to take a nap and her mom dismantled the brick faux fire place in the family room. Brick by brick and had the bricks all boxed up and sitting at the curb by the time her dad woke up. Surely she can do as well.

    • midsouthgeek

      She does NOT need encouragement. I just want her to wait until we can pay for the materials to fix it.

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