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Sometimes I get the urge to write a blog post with absolutely no idea what to write about.   Today is one of those days.   I was looking through some pictures that Michelle took yesterday of Logan and I and thinking about just how much different my life is today than it was before Logan became a part of my (our) life.   No amount of description that a parent gives a non-parent about what it is like, it isn’t enough and it can’t capture the emotion of it all.   A very dear friend of mine is expecting his first child in the next few weeks.   He is in his mid-thirties, and so I’ve been attempting to share with him some of the things he can expect.  Most of his friends have talked about all the negative things that come with being a parent.   Sure there are negative things, no one particularly likes to deal with someone else’s poo, or be thrown up upon, but those things are SO insignificant in mind that it doesn’t even bear mentioning.  In fact, some of my funniest Logan stories involve some of those not so desirable moments that are hysterical when you look back at them.   For example:  https://midsouthgeek.wordpress.com/2009/01/12/logans-first-circus

Tonight Logan and I had another guy’s night and he was in an especially good mood.  He likes it when I makes weird sounds with my mouth and he stares intently trying to figure out how to do it.  You can just see the gears turning in his mind.  That is something that no one tells prospective parents.  It is really cool to watch your child learn new things.   Logan is, like any good guy, attracted to things with buttons like remote controls, phones, cell phones, etc.  I get the biggest kick out of him coming to the amazed realization that something he just did made the music change or stop.

He is fascinated by straws.  He knows in principle what they are meant to do.  Every time he sees one and we let him touch it, he puts it in his mouth and tries to drink.   He hasn’t quite mastered the defying gravity aspect of it yet, but it is fun to watch him try.

I like to play the “airplane game” with him.  I have him sitting on my chest in my recliner, my hands under his arms.  In dramatic fashion, I slowly count, “Oooooonnnneee”   (while lifting him a little bit) “Tttttwwwwooooo”, (lifting a little higher), “Tttttthrreeeeeeeee” and I lift him high up over my face.  He smiles and makes happy noises, and I smile like the big ole’ goofball I am.   He has learned that when Dad uses that voice and starts to count, something fun is about to happen, and so he starts to smile on one now.   I think that is neat.   I can’t wait to see what he learns next.

I’ve included a few new pics, the link is on the right.

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