Mr. Mom

Well, Mr. Logan is not feeling well at the moment.  It started yesterday, he had a fever, so we called the doctor and did what we needed to do in order to bring his fever down.  On Monday, I stayed home from work to be with the little guy because Michelle had a full plate of things she needed to do.  His fever was much lower today, and we went to the doctor.  It isn’t the swine flu, and it isn’t strep throat, but it is a virus of some kind.  The doc said he needed to spend the next few days taking it easy….not that a baby who can’t yet walk has particularly strenuous days.  I honestly thought being at home with him all day would be a real test of my patience, but it was surprisingly heart warming.    He wanted to be held,  and was more snuggly than ususal.   The two of us hung out and played a bit, and he napped a lot.  It is evening as I write this and he is acting likehe feels better.  The doc said to give it several days and hope he feels better.   In the meantime, I get to be needed.

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