Guilt is a good motivator.

One of my regular readers and very dear friends pointed out to me that my postings of late had been, “infrequent”.   Sorry.  I could make excuses, but it would be just that, so instead I’ll just say I’ll try to do better.    Writing a blog post is something I try to do when I’m inspired to say something rather than just present a laundry list of what has been going on in our lives.   I was amused that several of our friends commented on some photos I shared with them when they said that Logan looks like us.  I’ve not met or seen pictures of the birth father, but the birth mother did tell us that I look a lot like him.   With that being said, I’ve added several pictures to the October folder in the family photos link to the right.   Logan is crawling now in his own way.   He started out primarily rolling to get from one place to another.  Now he does an army crawl sort of thing.  He uses his elbows and legs and manages to get where he wants to go.   The dogs and cats are all on alert.  Buck, Logan’s self-appointed protector dog continues to prove to be amazingly patient and loving toward Logan which never ceases to amaze me.   Tonight Logan was trying to get Buck’s collar tags (I was 6 inches away and watching the whole interaction intently don’t worry) and Buck simply let him grab the tags and pull, and twist his collar and make all sorts of noises.  When Logan decided he was done, Buck licked him.   I have a feeling that once Logan starts walking and running, he and Buck are going to be nearly inseparable.

Michelle and I have not taken the opportunity to be away from Logan and have him stay with a baby sitter who wasn’t a family member until this past week.  A wonderful neighbor agreed to look after our little man so we could take an evening and go to a show.  When we got back and got the report from Denyce on Logan, it affirmed what we’ve been saying all along,  he is wonderful.  Denyce has two kids of her own, and she was astounded  by just how easy-going, happy and mellow was.   It is nice to get a second, impartial opinion verifying what we had come to believe.  We are very very lucky to have him, and I am grateful every day to his birth mother.   Thanks to her if she is reading this. (the birth father too, if by some chance he reads this too)

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