Beating a dead horse?

Maybe because I look for them, but maybe because I choose to be an optimist, I consistently find little things that Logan does to be immensely rewarding.   Like most 10 (nearly 11) month olds, he jabbers quite a bit, but he isn’t saying actual words yet.   I firmly believe he communicates nevertheless.   I referenced this behavior in an earlier post, Logan always responds to me when I make a popping noise with my mouth.   He responds by making the same noise, and we go back and forth for a few moments.   It doesn’t matter if he can see me or not, if he hears that noise, he will stop what he is doing and respond.   Likewise, when I hear him do it first, I stop and respond.   I’ve watched him, and sometimes he does it when he thinks I’m not paying attention to him.   Sometimes I do it to get his attention away from something he shouldn’t be getting into.   The odd thing is, he doesn’t seem to do it with other people.   I think he finds it comforting because when I respond, he knows for sure that I’m paying attention to him even if I’m in the next room preparing his dinner or something.   All of this explanation was setting the stage for something that happened the other night when I put him to bed.   He almost always goes down without any kind of fuss, and is quiet when we turn out the lights and close the door. The normal bedtime routine had proceeded as normal, and as I turned off the lights, he made the pop noise, just once, and I responded just once.   It felt like he was saying, “Good night Dad, I love you.” in our special little language.  I know I’m reading into it….but it warmed my heart.

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2 thoughts on “Beating a dead horse?

  1. Rena

    No reading between the lines needed here. Just because he hasn’t yet learned your language doesn’t at all mean he can’t communicate. Until he learns your language he is speaking the language of the angels.

  2. Carolyn

    You now have your answer to “Why in the world do people have kids!”

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