Logan is moving out of the stage where he is nearly always content to be held.  He wants to move around and explore his world.  It is fun to watch, because it is obvious he wants to be able to stand up and open up new options for things to get into.  My mother used to joke that there was no point in buying toys for me, when I could have as much fun or more with a big box.  Logan hasn’t had the chance to explore any big boxes yet, but he will ignore the most colorful, thoughtfully designed to engage a child toy ever invented in favor of any type of electric containing cord.  Be it a cord for a lamp, a laptop, a phone charger, he will find them.  At this point I’m grateful that the era of VCRs is pretty much over. I can see him sticking his hands inside one very easily.  He is a STRONG little guy too!  We got cat litter in the jumbo bucket size the other day.  I set it in a spot intending to take it elsewhere shortly.  He found it, and was pulling the handle and moving a 25lb bucket, and he was in a crawling position!  This wasn’t leverage, it was strength!  Imagine a determined little guy with that kind of arm power and grip going after my glasses, and you can picture what happens every time I pick him up lately.  That is another thing I’ve noticed developing in him lately is his determination.  When he wants something, he does not give up trying to get it. I don’t use that quality to tease him, but I have to admit that I have laughed at him trying to reach a cord he could see, but couldn’t touch because a piece of furniture was in his way.  He makes funny noises when he is frustrated.  Hopefully that doesn’t make me a bad parent.  I didn’t let him struggle long, just a couple of seconds.  Needless to say, outlet protectors are everywhere in our home now.

As we approach a full year of parenting, I never imagined how my life would change, and my only regret is having not done it sooner.  I am at the right place in my life now to be a good, patient, and calm parent, and I think that is probably more important than the fact that I’m a bit older.  To all my friends who read this, and have clear memories of me saying I would never be a parent…..I was wrong.  I just didn’t understand.  What an amazing, life altering, life enhancing, extraordinarily rewarding first year this has been.

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One thought on “Mobility

  1. Laura Roth

    I do remember you saying you didn’t want to be a parent vividly. It is so wonderful to see you embracing being a dad. It is the most wonder (and hardest) experience you will ever have. Way to go Deron.

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