Today is Logan’s first birthday.  We had a party for him on Sunday, and he was introduced to birthday cake, and more importantly, icing.  Michelle made a castle cake with a fondant (think sheet of icing) made out of marshmallows.  When Logan got his piece of cake, he pulled the icing off with one hand and stuffed as much as humanly possible in his mouth.  His expression said it all, “What is this new and delicious thing you’ve hidden from me my whole life!?!” Friends and family were very generous with their gifts, and Logan has been having a ball with his new toys.  The thing that made me laugh the most was the fact that we evidently have not been teaching him “southern ways” adequately. He received a pair of camouflage overalls, a camo onesie, and a John Deere tractor to scoot around on.  Personally, I find the picture of him in his camo overalls astride his John Deere with no shirt on absolutely hysterical.

He continues to progress as you would expect.  He pulled up to standing for the first time on Sunday.  He’ll take awkward steps if you hold his hands or support him under the arms.  It won’t be long at all until he is running.

Everyone always says that once you have kids, your life changes forever.  That is such an all-encompassing statement that you really can’t grasp what it means until it happens to you.  As I think about how my life has changed in the past year I cannot think of a single aspect that is not different.  Just as a very mild “for instance” ; I have one picture of my wife on my desk…..I have two of Logan on my bulletin board, he is my computer background, and my cell phone background.  He is the first person I speak to every morning.  I think about his needs before my own always.  I look forward to seeing him every evening, and playing with him.  When I see him in the evenings for the first time and his bright smile lights up his face and he comes crawling toward me as fast as he can, my heart just swells with love.  All this and he can’t talk, or walk yet.

Adopting him has been the single best thing I’ve ever done with my life.  I am changed forever and for the better.  On this one year anniversary of that life changing event, just in case she is reading this let me say to you, Logan’s birth mom, I am forever grateful to you.  I know your motivation was to do what was best for him, and I will never forget that it is my obligation to always do my absolute best for him to honor your decision.  Thank you!

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One thought on “Birthday

  1. Kim

    Happy Birthday Logan! And happy Logan birthday to Michelle & Deron. It’s been such a pleasure to read about your parenting journey.

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