Cabin Fever.

We had an interesting weekend.  The Mid-South was hit by an ice storm that pretty much shut everything down.   If that wasn’t enough, when trees and power lines have ice built up on them they tend to break.   Since Friday we lost power three times for a total of probably somewhere near 12 hours.  That is a rather eye-opening experience.   Rather than complain about it, I prefer to think about it from the perspective of being grateful.   There are so many people in this world who have no electricity or only have electricity for a portion of the day, that our experience served to make me appreciate the blessings we have.   We had to rely on the heat from our fireplace and all of us had to gather in the family room to keep warm.

Michelle’s sister and her family live 5 doors away, and they did not get electricity back as quickly as we did, so we had them come over to get warm and take hot showers and a warm meal.

Given that we live in the most affluent country on earth,  sometimes we can benefit from a little perspective change.   As we sit in our warm homes and watch our flat screen TVs and hear about the folks in Haiti who are having to sleep in parks and streets.  We should remember and be thankful for what we have and maybe even give serious consideration to sharing some of that blessing with someone who has lost everything.

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One thought on “Cabin Fever.

  1. no one in particular

    …remember that one Christmas when we were snowed in and had all that pork roast? Thawing your truck out in the shop and well…..

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