Watching a little mind develop.

It fascinates me to watch the development of Logan’s mind.  He is a whisper away from walking, and I can see it in his eyes and expressions that his confidence is growing in that regard.  He will take one step not holding on to anything to get from one handhold to another.  Sometimes he lets go of a handhold and is just fine until he realizes he isn’t holding on to anything, and then he plops down on his bottom.

His newest thing is the phrase, “Uh Oh.”  He uses it pretty much appropriately, such as when he drops something or sees Michelle or I drop something.   The things he learns just by observation are pretty remarkable.  I saw him reach for a doorknob to a closed-door while I was holding him.  He has never used a doorknob that I’m aware.  He knows the principle behind how his baby gate works, he just doesn’t have the hand strength to open it.  We use his Pack’nPlay to barricade one opening between rooms, and he has learned how to move it out-of-the-way when he wants.   For his age (now 16 months) he is an amazing problem solver.   I have no doubt that he is going to be a smart young man.

I’m going to post a few items in the picture gallery today, if you have an interest.

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One thought on “Watching a little mind develop.

  1. John Durkin

    Kind of reminds you of our rock-climbing days, huh? Gotta let go of the first hand-hold before you can reach for the next one. 🙂

    Love the video!

    Isn’t fatherhood awesome? Glad you decided to enter the fray. LOL

    take care,


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