Wet weekend

This weekend here in the Mid-South was one of rain like I never thought possible. Since Friday we have had better than 10 inches of rain. So, needless to say we did not spend much time outdoors. Between Friday and Sunday we have had the tornado sirens go off 7 times, and had one of those rotating cells (a “Doppler indicated” tornado) was about a mile from our home. So we are thankful and grateful that our home is comfortable, dry and intact.

Logan started showing signs he wasn’t feeling well on Saturday, and within a short time his temp was high so we took him to an urgent care place only to find our little man has a double ear infection. We have, of course done everything to help him. He is feeling better now, and is on the mend. (no fever). It is something no parent wants to see, the child they love in pain. The doctor complimented us on not waiting to seek treatment. It was small consolation to know we acted quickly.

By the time we put him to bed tonight (Sunday) he was pretty much back to his normal happy self. Seeing him smiling and giggling was the highlight of the weekend. Who knew that an entire weekend could be turned from washout to worthwhile by hearing a 16 month old boy giggle?

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