Major Milestone

Logan made a major milestone over the weekend. He started walking. The really cool thing is that he took his first real steps in front of his great grandfather. It was the first time he ever really let go and walked, and he did so a couple of times to make sure it wasn’t a fluke. He will walk to anything he deems important enough, like his mom, dad, or food.

I figured since is a post about milestones and it will be nice to look back at some point and read all the things that he had done and when, it would be fun to remember the things he could say at this point. The things he can say clearly are: Mama, Dada, Mom, Nana (the word he uses for all food items). The things he says that we understand, but don’t sound quite like the dictionary versions are: Dight for light, bup for cup and up, dow for down, joo for juice, ba for ball, dis for this,

I am a proud dada.

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