Have you ever stopped to really consider the concept of gratitude? If you really give it a few minutes of consideration, every single one of us has reason to be grateful. The recent passing of Memorial Day gave me the idea for this post. Most of us have either known or interacted with someone who has served in the United States Military in some capacity. I am grateful and thankful for those people. They chose to serve their country knowing that the consequences of doing so may cost them their lives. Too many have paid that price, but in return for their sacrifice, I have the luxury of living in a country where terrorist bombings are the rare exception, not something you can expect at any moment.

I am grateful that the family in which I was raised was able to provide not just the basics of food, shelter and clothing, but we were able to take vacations. I was able to get a college education, and the start in life I’ve had is one that many people have not been as fortunate to have.

On this day, her birthday, I am grateful for my wife Michelle. She has put up with me through good and bad times, and has encouraged me and at other times dragged me kicking and screaming to grow as a person. Without her I don’t know what I would do.

A dear friend of mine recently lost his aunt in a violent car accident. You might think there is no opportunity for gratitude or thankfulness in such a situation, but there is plenty for which to be thankful. She had her grandson and his girlfriend in the car with her, and neither of those two people were injured. That is just shy of miraculous.

My father in law, whose health was a day-to-day concern less than a year ago, played golf this weekend with my brother-in-law. He was hardly able to climb the stairs in our home, and couldn’t lift Logan a year ago!

Of course, if you’ve read my blog before, you know I would eventually bring it around to Logan. As a parent of a young child, I’ve had more opportunities in the last 18 months to see my son in comparison with other kids his age. I have no idea what I did to deserve it, and no idea why God in His infinite wisdom chose Michelle and I to parent this little guy, but he is absolutely amazing. Most parents I know who have little ones relish the few minutes they can steal here or there to get time away. Michelle and I are just the opposite. We don’t want to be away from him. We’ve had a babysitter for him who was not a member of the family exactly once. That was so we could go to dinner on our anniversary. We both missed him, so we finished dinner and rushed home.

I am grateful for my family.

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2 thoughts on “Gratitude.

  1. Jim Seffrin

    D, outstanding my friend.

  2. Laura Roth

    That is awesome – God does bless all of us, we just have to look for it at times, but the blessings are always there – you are so right on that.. But I have to object, I know lots of parents (myself included) that couldn’t bear to be away for their kids, and still enjoy them – even at 12 and 15….. I still enjoy being with them – I just love watching them become such awesome teenagers – and I miss them when they are not with me… 🙂

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