Surprisingly enjoyable evening.

Michelle, Logan and I went to Sardis Mississippi tonight to see our niece in a production of Annie Jr at the Panola Playhouse.  We had intended to attend the first performance, but the tickets sold out before we arrived, and so we opted to have dinner and attend the second performance.  My only previous experience with eating in Sardis has been at either the McDonald’s attached to the gas station or the Sonic (for you northerners who read this, think old-time drive in restaurant).  We were delighted to find a restaurant literally next door to the theater that was a gourmet pizza place.  I kid you not, Sardis probably has a population of MAYBE 1000 people, and here was this sparkling gem of a pizza place. (  The pizza was quite good, and the place was packed.  That was pleasant surprise #1.  Pleasant surprise #2 was that the play, which was the end result of a week-long drama camp, was quite good!  The theater seated 120 people approximately, and both shows were sold out.  I’m no broadway critic, but I firmly believe that several of the performers could easily make a career out of this path, they were that good.

Surprise #3 came in the form of Logan.  We had intended to see the first show so we could make it back home and not throw him off his schedule tremendously.  Well, the second performance started at 7:30, and he is normally in bed between 7:30 and 8.  So, he was, as any 19 month old would be, tired and fidgety.  Once the performance started, he was watching intently, and swaying to the music, and mimicking the hand gestures of some of the characters which was fun to see.  But, as I expected, he started to get a little noisy and started to bother the nice people seated in front of us, so he and I left the show so he could be himself and not bother anyone.   We ended up taking refuge in the back of our car (a station wagony kind of thing) so both of us could have room to move around and interact.  The surprise came when, provided with all this room to move around and toys to play with, he wanted to sit in my lap and play with a little Matchbox car.  I know someday he’ll be too big for daddy’s lap, but I hope it is a long way off.   It is a special feeling when they choose to spend time with you.

On a separate note, his grasp of language continues to amaze me.  I was holding him in the bathroom and Michelle and I were discussing when we should brush his teeth, and he took his own finger and stuck it in his mouth and pretended to brush his teeth.  Now we’ve only been brushing his teeth for a short time, but he already knew exactly what that phrase meant.   The other item he picked up on was a surprise to all of us.  After the play, we all went to Sonic for ice cream and sat at a table under a ceiling fan.  Now it is nothing special for Logan to see a light and point to it and say, “Dite”.  But, this time, Marvin said something about the fan, and Logan made a circling motion with his hand like the motion of a fan.  He is just a sponge!  I am constantly amazed by the things he understands that we think are beyond him.

Today was yet another day when being a parent was a unique pleasure I never could have predicted.

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