Another first

This weekend, Michelle and I were bound and determined to work on a project that we have struggled to move forward.  We demolished our fireplace surround about 2 months ago, and have slowly progressed getting it rebuilt.  It has meant that our family room has been a construction zone for far too long.  Naturally we’ve kept the area safe so Logan wouldn’t get hurt, but it wasn’t exactly “aesthetically pleasing.”   Michelle had the grand idea for us to call her parents and invite them to come up and babysit Logan so we could both work on the fireplace.  They agreed.  The plan worked perfectly, and we were able to make progress on the fireplace.  Then Michelle expressed the idea that Marvin and Donna might enjoy taking Logan with them back to Tupelo for the night.  That would allow us to get more done on the fireplace on Sunday and give them some bonding time with our little man.  Again, being good sports, they agreed.

Michelle expressed to me (and later to her parents) that she secretly hoped that Logan would be fussy when it was time to go to bed.  He wasn’t.  He was his usual jovial self and went to bed without any trouble.  He did wake up around midnight crying, probably just because he woke up someplace unfamiliar, but he quickly went back to sleep.  But, Donna’s day did start at 5:30 am.  (Sorry Donna)  He normally gets up between 6 and 7 I promise!   In any case, he was a good boy for his grandparents, and didn’t burn any bridges.   We met Marvin and Donna halfway between their home and ours to make the exchange and have dinner.    Logan fought sleep valiantly on the ride home, and made it without dozing, but lasted only a few minutes once we arrived home before it was clear he was ready to sleep.

I actually think it was more traumatic for Michelle and myself than it was for Logan.  The house felt surprisingly empty without him here last night.   I found myself walking around quietly so as not to wake him.

Thanks Marvin and Donna!  We knew he was in good hands, but it was easier knowing he was with people who love him like we do.

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One thought on “Another first

  1. rena

    Are you kidding? Grandparents were good sports and agreed to take him for overnight? We thought you would never let go of him that long. He is a happy, sweet boy and very agreeable unless he can’t communicate what he wants. As quickly as he is picking up new words that won’t last long.

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