Thought provoking show.

Michelle recorded a program called, “30 Days” on Planet Green and I watched it with her tonight.  The show looks at some controversial issues and explores how people feel on both sides of the issue.  The particular episode we watched tonight was about gay adoption.   It took a woman who was in strong opposition to gay adoption and a practicing Mormon and gave her the opportunity to spend 30 days with a gay couple in Michigan with 4 adopted boys.

I happen to know a gay couple who are prohibited from adopting by the laws of their state.  I also happen to know that these two men would be great parents.   Having been through the process of adopting, and understanding the in-depth process that exists to weed out people who are not going to be good candidates for being a parent.  After all of that, there is still the matter that many adoptions are still then in the hands of the birth mother, who is given the option to choose who will parent her child.  I find it difficult to accept that there will be children who end up not being placed in a loving environment because the parents are gay.

I am thankful and grateful every day that our birth mother chose us.  I am also saddened every day knowing there are kids going without the opportunity to be raised in a loving household.  I find it difficult to see that one or the other of these two positions can claim the moral high ground.

I welcome your input.

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One thought on “Thought provoking show.

  1. KimW

    My daughter has grown up with many friends who are the children of same-sex couples. Honestly, I don’t see much difference either way. The kids are all just kids, and most of them grow up to be wonderful and interesting adults, whether their parents are heterosexual or gay, married or divorced (with single or dual households), biological or adoptive and/or stepparent. From what I’ve seen, sexual orientation just isn’t really a factor in whether someone is a good or bad parent. I do think it’s important that children have stable, reliable role models in their lives of both sexes, and hopefully those people are in their lives forever. But that can include other relatives and community members too. The important thing, I think, is for children to feel safe, to be cared for by a mature person (hopefully more than one, for the parents’ sake–we all need breaks 🙂 that they know they can rely on and trust and turn to, who loves them unconditionally and will protect them and help them grow and develop, will set boundaries for them, will encourage them…well, you know. All the things you and Michelle do.

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