Sometimes something happens and you don’t really take the time to examine what it means.  I took the time tonight.  Logan was feeling tired and a little snuggly, and wanted to be carried, so I was carrying him.  I went into the kitchen for something, and as I walked back into the family room I tripped and fell.

The thing about falling down is that you don’t have time to think, you just act on instinct.  My instinct was to pull Logan close into my chest, and put my body between him and the floor.  I fell pretty hard because I only used one hand to break my fall, but Logan didn’t utter a peep.  He was completely unharmed.

Parents always say they would give their life for their children.  Potential adoptive parents who may be reading this, if you wonder if you could ever love an adopted child the way you would one that shares your biology, the answer is yes.  Logan is my son and I would do anything to protect him.  I proved that to myself and to him tonight.

On an unrelated note, he amazed me again this week.  Michelle was feeling like she was coming down with something, so I was taking precautions so I wouldn’t get whatever it was as well.  We both use a homeopathic product that you dissolve in water and drink.  I got a coffee mug from the kitchen and brought it into the bathroom and drank this stuff.  The following morning, when Logan saw the mug on my bathroom counter, he looked at it, looked at me, smiled broadly and said, “Nana?”  His word for his grandmother on Michelle’s side.  You see, Michelle, nor I drink coffee.  The only times those mugs get used is when his grandparents are here.  He connected all that in his 2-year-old mind, and concluded that Nana must be here.   Wow.   I hope that made you smile Donna (Nana).

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  1. Irene Walsh

    Hi Deron & Michelle! Just catching up — Carolyn told me the exciting news about your new addition. I am so glad to hear all is well and it sounds like you are all doing great! Take care 🙂

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