Finding time.

Michelle and I decided to capitalize upon the down housing market and found a new house and bought it.  Well…..let me back up a moment and tell you how this came about.  Marvin and Donna, Michelle’s parents are planning on moving to our little “Mayberry” here.  Michelle accompanied her mother to hunt for a house for her parents.  Marvin and Donna are still looking for a house.  And she wonders why I am afraid every time she goes shopping.

So, we found a home that someone else could not afford to keep.  The bank didn’t want to be in the business of owning unoccupied homes, so we helped them out.  The “new” house has just under 2 acres, and a barn (for me and my tools) .  It is a little bit bigger than our present home by 200 square feet.  And it is only 4 miles from our present home, so the family ties won’t be strained much.

When we first moved to “Mayberry” it was the height of the housing boom prices, and we simply could not afford a place that was ideally suited to what we wanted.  Our previous home in Kentucky was situated on 8 acres, much of it wooded, and definitely rural.  We loved it.   When we moved, we opted to buy a home in a subdivision, but it was never exactly what we wanted.  It was close to family (5 houses away) and close to all the conveniences of the suburbs.   Now we have a balanced mix of both.  We are close to restaurants and shopping, but far enough away that we have a little space.

All of that was a round about way of getting to my point, which is that Logan will have the best of both worlds.  He will have friends and family nearby, but have the benefit of a big yard, a shallow creek (what boy doesn’t LOVE to play in a creek?) and have a HUGE room!  Literally, his new room will be more than twice the size of his present room.  Finally enough room for his toys.

The down side of the whole situation is that because it was a “distressed property” or foreclosure we are doing a lot of work to get it ready for us.  We have, or rather Michelle has been painting.  (I don’t paint)  Today we worked on installing flooring.  Two weeks ago I removed all the ceramic tile in the kitchen, and laundry room while Michelle removed the laminate in the breakfast room and entry way.  Breaking ceramic tile and removing the concrete board underneath is a job you should hire out if the situation ever presents itself.   Those people on DIY network are lying.  It isn’t that easy, and it isn’t fun.

So, now that I am at home, with an ice pack on my shoulder and ibuprofen in my system I realized I hadn’t written anything here in a long time.  Sorry, I’ve been busy.   I will attempt to make the next post more about Logan than the other stuff of life.

Oh….one item about the little guy.  He was sitting down for breakfast the other day and I asked if he wanted waffles.  He said yes, so I got them out, and he said, “NO, put them back.”  A full sentence from a 2-year-old.  I am a proud papa.

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One thought on “Finding time.

  1. John

    That’s awesome Deron! Sounds like our new house. 5 minutes from Kroger, but surrounded by horse farms. 🙂

    Please send/post pics when you get a chance.



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