Funny without intending to be.

Sometimes a child can be quite funny without trying.  They constantly observe and pick up little things we do.  Logan has started to do several things that are kind of funny.  He has started to say, “Minute” when he wants us to wait and let him do what he is doing a little longer.   Last night he said “Elmojama” to Michelle.  He was telling her he wanted to wear his Elmo pajamas.  The funniest was this morning.  I had to work late last night so I was asleep, but Michelle said he was eating his breakfast and she patted the couch and said, “Come sit.”   He walked over to the couch, looked at her questioningly, and spit his breakfast on the couch.  Michelle looked at him and said, “Why did you do that?” He said, “Told you to.”  She realized he misunderstood as only a 2 yr old can and thought she said, “Come spit.”  Being a good little guy, he did what his mama told him to do.

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One thought on “Funny without intending to be.

  1. Yep! These are the best! Kids do say the darnedest things! At our house we have the habit of then perpetuating the words or phrases our kids throw out there by repeating them and adding them to the Rabinowitz vocabulary. Not always a good idea but funny nonetheless! 😉 Looking forward to more “Loganisms”!

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