Ah Summer.

Ok, first, I’m sorry.  I had not realized I had not posted anything since late May.  Unacceptable.  Allow me to update you.

We took a vacation in June.  We went with family to Washington DC.  It was a good time.  I do not, however, recommend visiting Williamsburg VA on a day when the heat index is at 118.  The week in DC was followed, for me at least, by a few days in Milwaukee for work.   No offense to the residents of Milwaukee, but I think I will remain a resident of the south.

The time in Milwaukee was followed by another week of vacation.  I use the term “vacation” broadly in this instance.  I was not at work, but I was still working.  the new house has to have a fenced yard before we can move there.  I worked, as much as the weather allowed, on getting the fence installed.  The enemy of the fence project is hedgerows of privet.  If you care, you can follow that link to read about the bane of my existence.  The original owner of our new house INTENTIONALLY planted this stuff.  The plants are now somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 ft tall and 20 ft around per plant.  My brother in law Gene and I have worked hard to clear out hundreds….yes hundreds of feet of privet.

We have cleared out all the privet we needed to remove in order to install the fence, and Gene and I were out there working on Friday when the local Code Inspector paid us (me) a visit.  I did not realize I was required to get a permit for my fence.   Work on the fence has come to a halt until the necessary permit is obtained.

Logan and his cousin Everett were treated to “Rena and Papa Camp” from this past Thursday through Saturday.  The culmination was that they all went to the Ringling Bros Circus in Tupelo.  The photos that were texted to me prove that the boys both had an absolutely fantastic time.  (Thanks Rena and Papa).

While our little guy was away, we were not idle.  We moved a few things to the new house.   We also updated Logan’s room.   His crib is no more.   It was one of those drop side cribs that have now been outlawed.  (Don’t worry, I had modified it so that the drop side could no longer drop)  Because it was no longer something considered safe, we put it at the curb, and someone did decide it was worth their time and effort and picked it up.  I hope it serves them well.

So, that pretty much sums up the last month and a half.  I am including two photos here at the end.  The first is one of Logan’s grandfather on Michelle’s side, the second is Logan.  Personally, I find the similarity uncanny.

Marvin "Papa" with his mother.

Our happy little man.

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