One more quick thing.

I like to make note in the blog of what I think are significant changes in his speech patterns.   A couple of weeks ago he changed a long-standing habit.  He used to say “Bup” whenever he wanted me to pick him up or put him down.  That changed to the completely adorable, “I want to hold you.”   He likes to be held still, and I am not in any hurry to discourage him in this regard.  One of his favorite things is to come up to me and say, “Daddy lap?”  When he wants to sit in my lap and either play with my phone or his mother’s Ipad.  He likes to have the movie Cars or Toy Story playing in the background while he surfs YouTube to find videos of one of the following:  Thomas the Train, Funny Babies, or Elmo.  He is also quite fond of watching videos of himself.

Side note,  we just checked in on Logan since he is spending his first night in his “big boy bed”.   He somehow managed to get out from under his covers, and was laying on his back, completely spread eagled, snoring loud enough to make his daddy proud.   We covered him up with a light blanket.  Oh, and did I mention he had rolled 3/4 of the way down his bed?   Yes, there is a side rail to protect him. It is just cute.  I’d have taken a picture if I would have been able to do so without waking him.  Since I can’t, my description will have to suffice.

Thanks for reading.

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One thought on “One more quick thing.

  1. Karen Claiborne

    What a wonderful idea. It’s better to be 63 when the kid gets out of high school than be 63 with a new born. However, I can honestly say that kids are a blessing no matter when they arrive. The half sib does give you a leg up on the medical; you can also have DNA tested.

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