Exciting things are afoot.

Now that we’ve talked to all the family members, I’m allowed to post something about the exciting new prospect in our future.  Bear in mind Michelle and I have talked about this extensively and whether or not you agree with us, we have come to a decision.  We were contacted by The Adoption Center of Choice, our adoption agency, to let us know that Logan’s birth mom was pregnant.  She had asked them to contact us to see if we were interested in adopting Logan’s half brother. (I’ll give you a moment to let that sink in…..)

Most adoptive families have to create their family unit by way of assembling children from different parents,  and while the kids grow up as brothers and sisters, they are not blood relatives.  Logan will actually grow up with his blood half brother.  How cool is that?!?!?! As a parent of an adopted child, one of the things you have to accept is that you do not have the benefit of looking into your family history to get any idea of what medical concerns to expect.  For example, a family history of heart disease, cancer, and the like are simply something we don’t have the benefit of knowing.   That doesn’t change necessarily, with adopting siblings, but at least we will have some idea what to expect based upon our experience with Logan.

I’ve mentioned before that I honestly believe that God is actively working in our lives, and I believe this is yet another instance of that becoming apparent to me. When Michelle and I decided to buy a bigger house with more yard, we didn’t do so with 2 little boys in mind.  Our present home would have been big enough, but in the new house, each boy will be able to have an 18×13 room.  The two boys will have their own bathroom.  They will have nearly 2 acres to play on.  What little boy wouldn’t be thrilled to have woods, a creek, and a barn to play in?

Sure, I will be 63 by the time the youngest graduates high school.   Guess what!  I don’t care!  I’m a good dad!  There isn’t a father on this planet who loves his son more than I do.   And I know exactly what this entails at my age.  I accept that responsibility, and I am thrilled to give the rest of my life, my heart and everything that I am to giving these two boys the absolute best home I can possibly provide for them.

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8 thoughts on “Exciting things are afoot.

  1. I think this is just the MOST WONDERFUL news!!!!! Congratulations to the three of you!!!

  2. This is beyond cool. God is watching over you closely. Congratulations to all 5 of you; you, Michelle, Logan, Logan’s birthmom, and new little guy!

  3. Linda Jackson

    I am very happy for all of you —- Yes, I do still follow the blog. When is the new baby due?

  4. Viona

    Hi Friends! Congratulations! I’m so excited for your family. We recently had a new addition to our family as well as we welcomed home Wesley’s biological half sister, Savannah. God is so good! Blessings to you all!

  5. Claudia

    This is just such great news….for all involved! How exciting for Logan to have a little brother! And, I know you have grace working in your lives. It’s all just completely wonderful.

  6. Sherry Hedger

    OH! So happy for your family! What a suprise-just checking in on you-getting a little choked up here. So very happy for you all! Miss you- after all these years!

  7. karen minshall

    I am so happy for all of you…that is awesome….Deron I have to tell you I always wanted that to happen to me…..with Andrea…Love you all! Congratulations!!!!

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